Name Badge

  • $19.95

Name badges are available for staff and students. Please refer to information below and example images to ensure your order is completed correctly.

Student badges are the white template design.
Staff badges are the blue template design.

Badges may be ordered with either a pin back, or magnet back option.

Collection / Delivery can be up to 21 days turnaround from when the order is placed.

Orders for new name badges will only be placed on Fridays.

The choices listed are in line with the University’s Brand Guidelines and cannot be altered. It is your responsibility to choose the correct information (and spelling). If you are unsure, please ask your teacher or another staff member. If you make a mistake you will incur the cost of another badge.

General and commercial staff

  • Only the person’s name will be printed on the name badge.
  • Staff members who represent the University at public events who need to be identified by their faculty/section can have their faculty/school (not their discipline) listed under their name.
  • Staff who work under a commercial banner (such as within a Children’s Centre or Unisports) may list the business entity rather than the University section they report to.

Academic and senior staff

  • Academics and senior members of the University can include titles such as Vice-Chancellor, Pro Vice-Chancellor, Professor, Director, Dean, Head etc, followed by the name of their faculty, school or section.


  • Students on work placement can have their name and the discipline they are from appearing on the name badge along with their school.
  • The title ‘Student’ should appear before the school name.

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